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Mama's Bayou


A lullaby from the beautiful bayou. As the crickets chirp, frogs sing, and mosquitoes drone, dusk falls across the bayou. Mama rocks her baby to the soft symphony as the animals get ready for bedtime. Illustrated in beautifully detailed cut paper, this soothing chorus introduces children to animal sounds and lures them into peaceful slumber.

The House that Witchy Built


Children will creak, clap, flap, and rattle along to this story of Witchy's house and the creepy creatures that live inside. A ghost, a bat, a cat, and a skeleton are only a few of the characters haunting the house. Illustrated with exquisitely detailed cut-paper and collage, this Halloween tale invites interaction through repetition, onomatopoeia, and infectious rhyme.

Blue Frog: The Legend of Chocolate


A long, long time ago, the Sun God spent his days enjoying a very special secret treat: rich, dark cacao. Unlike the Wind God, the Sun God did not want to share this heavenly food with the creatures of the Earth. One day, the Wind God transformed himself into the Rana Azul, or Blue Frog, and he taught the children of the Earth where to find the secret cacao beans through song. A recipe for hot chocolate and a sprinkling of Spanish words and phrases enhance this intricately illustrated foodie fable.

The House That Santa Built


Dianne de Las Casas and Holly Stone-Barker do it again in this delightful Christmas version of the classic The House That Jack Built. Everyone is welcome in the house that Santa has built—with a little help from de Las Casas and Stone-Barker! Layers of cut-paper snow blanket the pages of this jolly holiday tale. Join the merry collage of characters as they dance across Santa’s front yard, behind ornament-filled trees, around colorfully wrapped presents, and beside Santa’s bright house. de Las Casas’ uses engaging onomatopoeia as she introduces each character,, from the girl’s kiss (smooch! smooch!) to the elf’s laugh (hee, hee), that will have every child singing along! Holly Stone-Barker’s intricate cut-paper illustrations accompany the text for a holiday experience that is sure to become an instant family classic.

The Little "Read" Hen


Let your story-writing skills take you out of the henhouse! When the Little "Read" Hen's friends won't help her write an "eggcellent" story, she doesn't let it ruffle her feathers! This literary spin on a beloved folk tale is perfect for aspiring young writers interested in learning how their own fledgling ideas can hatch into a polished story. Holly Stone-Barker's vibrant cut-paper illustrations add riotous fun to each page.

The Biggest Pumpkin


Plant a prize-winning seed and help it grow! Join Gavin as he attempts to win first place at the local fair by growing the largest gourd in the world! Children will learn how to plant, fertilize, and pollinate a seed just as Gavin does. With the help of his friends and neighbors, Gavin becomes an expert on pumpkins. Through advice and hands-on experience, he learns how to care for his garden. Full of helpful facts and easy tips, this is an educational and amusing story that emphasizes the skill involved in gardening. A perfect companion for the classroom, this book teaches children about the science of cultivation, the commitment required to care for a living plant, and how to make homemade pumpkin pie.

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